Your environment demands agility; your publishing strategy should enable it

Taking control of your content

As content creators and publishers, you want to:

Infobridge Solutions can help

If you need to move your content from:

     - proprietary document formats,
- chapter-based books,
- multiply maintained versions of identical or similar content

to content that is:

     - modular (topic-oriented);
- task-based;
- based on open, XML standards for document formats, particularly DITA and DocBook

Infobridge Solutions can help with expertise in the following areas (follow the links for more detailed information):

Our Background

Nancy Harrison, Principal at Infobridge Solutions, has almost 20 years of experience designing clear, easy-to-use documentation using structured content models. As a member of the Davenport Group, she helped design and implement the original DocBook DTD, and remains on the DocBook Technical Committee (DocBook TC) at OASIS. At IBM from 2003 - 2007, she was a member of the IBM DITA architect's team which designed DITA and initiated the DITA TC, and continues to be involved in DITA TC work. She has led and implemented document structuring projects targeting both DITA and DocBook from concept to completion, including content analysis, content mapping, technology training, navigation recommendations, and stylesheet (XLST/XSL-FO/CSS) design. She is also an expert on globalization and localization of content, having served as localization coordinator for a number of content localization projects at HP, Rational Software, and IBM.